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Make the most of your small garden with this inspiration.

View Garden Design Small Patio. Designed by fredrickson landscape inc., this patio garden looks as clean and sleek as any indoor space while still appealing to a love for if you value lawn space, but have a smaller patio, planter boxes and a select few patches of greenery and mexican beach stones can boost the garden feeling. Most patios extend directly off the home.

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Landscaping Ideas*Backyard Landscape Design Ideas* - YouTube from
This small patio is great cfor entertaining small groups. You'll get back the building time in all the lower maintenance you'll. Outdoor living patio terrace change in levels different levels retaining wall evergreen planting screening bench seat paving container.

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By brian barth landscape designer. A simple patio design for a small backyard can transform your outdoor space. However, one way to add functional and beautiful features to a home is to add small patios in or surrounded by gardens in the yard. A tiny patio area in a miniature garden is the perfect place to put a wee bench or pot, but is also helps to deliver the message to the viewer that it is a true garden in miniature.