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For centuries, many religions have regarded the garden as an earthly version of paradise.

Download Islamic Garden Design Principles. Their most identifiable architectural design reflects the charbagh quadrilateral layout with four smaller gardens divided by walkways or flowing water. For this, designers need guidelines that gather underlying design principles of islamic gardens cohesively in one place.

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· to study the impact of islam on the garden design principles worldwide. Increasingly, the gardens of islam became gardens of the islamic world, i.e. · to study the methods of irrigation used within an islamic garden.

Today, shawn and blinda chat with emma clark, author of the art of the islamic garden.

(back to top) the traditional islamic gardens of the middle east included certain shared design elements. An islamic garden is a landscape designed according to certain ideological principles, employing certain physical elements, and focused on certain intentions. The design principles of traditional islamic gardens are based on the ancient…» These gardens are based on geometrical designs and a peculiar thing is that number four and its multiples are used in the arrangements.