33+ Herb Garden Layout Raised Bed

You'll need six cedar fence posts for one raised bed.

33+ Herb Garden Layout Raised Bed. There are many, many variations of the basic design that is detailed in this article. This is a very simple design and you can extend or shorten the length of the sides used in this design as you see fit.

Triangular raised beds | Garden landscape design, Herb ...
Triangular raised beds | Garden landscape design, Herb ... from i.pinimg.com
Drop in any number of containers, planters, troughs or raised beds from the selection bar, or. A great garden plan for kids, this layout is filled with colorful plants that are easy to grow. Raised beds especially lend themselves to this type of setup, helping create a play around with different layouts at your leisure.

A few herbs growing inside a makeshift brick bed doesn't do justice to the joy and flavour they add to your home cooking.

Bricks, concrete blocks, or engineered wall blocks all work fine. Once you know the size of beds you'd like and the layout, you'll be able to work out your materials. It's also a great solution for areas with poor materials for raised beds. Make sure it gets enough sunlight and there is a proper water drainage.