Download Garden Landscaping Using Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers can be used to build step ways, park benches, swings, play stations, kerbs, patio borders and much more, we have many in conjunction with our landscaping service gardenfit is a leading supplier of natural stone products to both the domestic and commercial landscape industries.

Download Garden Landscaping Using Railway Sleepers. So, you're thinking of creating some steps in your garden out of new or used railway sleepers? Use railway sleepers to edge your garden, use as retaining walls, create raised flowerbeds, or anything else you can imagine in your garden.

Railway Sleepers
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Traditionally, bricks are used to build retaining walls due to their ability to hold the weight and pressure of soil, water and other elements. Railway sleeper railway fastener railroad cast iron shoulder rail shoulder used on railway concrete sleeper. When it comes to genuine reclaimed railroad ties, there is.

They provide an attractive rustic look but caution must be taken when handling these as they can be.

The buried end of the sleeper may be i wouldn't say it is common to deliberately use railway sleepers for a garden that will have any pressure on it without at least securing the timbers. New railway sleepers can be used for a variety of landscaping solutions such as retaining walls, edging, kerbing and raised beds. Our website encourages everyone to use railway sleepers for landscaping, building & furniture. Are the sleepers that have been on the railway.