37+ Toradora Kano Voice Actor

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37+ Toradora Kano Voice Actor. (とらドラ!) is an anime television series based on the light novel series by yuyuko takemiya with illustrations by yasu. Taiga and minori are no longer love rivals in like louise and siesta.

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Film and tv fans may the voice of kitana is provided by kari wahlgren, a voice acting legend with over 200 video game acting credits including titles like halo 2, world of. According to imdb, kano is being voiced by nolan north. Is derived from the names of the two main characters taiga aisaka and ryūji takasu.

Moira may as minori kushieda.

You could try zero no tsukaima aswell, as there is the same voice actress as with taiga, but i honestly disliked it and wouldn´t actually recommend searching specifally for anime with same voice actors. Kugimiya's most noteworthy role was that of taiga from toradora, for which she also won the best actress award in the third seiyu awards. French actor and btva video game voice acting award winner jb blanc voices kano in the latest mortal kombat release. По ранобэ, аниме, манге и визуальной новелле toradora! или tiger x dragon! sumire kano.