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Installing a rain garden is an excellent way to reduce runoff and return water to its source.

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Soil Building Techniques Part 1 | Sloped garden ...
Soil Building Techniques Part 1 | Sloped garden ... from
In many cities, heavy rainfall in a short time combines with the hard surfaces of suburbia to swamp storm sewer systems. Rain gardening emphasizes the capture and reuse of water within residential and commercial landscapes by using such techniques as bioretention ponds he is director of the green roof centre, sheffield, and acts widely as a consultant on green roof design and planting, and sustainable garden. Landscaping or engineering firms can also do the job for you.

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Are you looking for great rain garden design ideas? Water is trapped and pollutants are removed by plant roots and the garden's filter bed. Rain gardens are designed landscape sites that reduce the flow rate. Designing a rain garden can seem like a big task, but i am going to walk you through it all step by step.