11+ Deepika Height In Feet

Deepika has a younger sister named anisha.

11+ Deepika Height In Feet. Find out how tall deepika padukone is! 5 ft 8½ in or 174 cm.

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Moreover, the lowest point occurs at 6 o clock, and the highest occurs at 12 o clock. 5 ft 8½ in or 174 cm. Eight feet tall is a type of japanese spirit (yokai) that takes the form of an impossibly tall female specter often said to have a deep, masculine voice in which she repeats the interjection po ぽ repeatedly, and a habit of preying on children, usually ones who are nine to eleven years old.

From my perspective of only 5 feet in height, she seems pretty tall to me.

86 article written by pr team of actress. I have used buddypress xprofile custom fields plugin so members need to select their height (in feet) using a drop down box. Deepika padukone, born 5 january 1986 in copenhagen, denmark, is an indian model & actress. This conversion tool helps you convert height measurements between us units and metric units and convert heights between imperial and metric units, convert fill the blank of cm to convert the height in feet and inche (convert metric unit to imperial).