Get Small Garden Ideas Using Sleepers

They are a cost effective material and their greatest advantage is.

Get Small Garden Ideas Using Sleepers. Wooden sleepers make an effective garden feature. Have someone help you hold the sleeper so that it's flush with the ends of the support posts and level with the top of the raised garden bed.

Railway Sleepers
Railway Sleepers from
Are they safe or dangerous to human health? A small garden can be magical at night, with the addition of hanging lights. Don't let a small garden put you off from thinking big with your landscaping ideas.

Revitalize any small patio or yard with especially if you can make your space your own by using some of these inspiring ideas we've.

Fix planters under the kitchen window. Small garden ideas see how gardeners around the country have created wonderful gardens in small case you doesn't live in subur. At both ends of the garden bed, use the spirit level to mark straight lines on the wall, where the edge of the support posts will be. Using sleepers horizontally is more common when constructing a low level wall.