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Our free planting guide for this garden includes a larger version of the illustration, a list of plants for the garden as shown, and complete instructions for installing the garden.

Get Kitchen Garden Design Plans. How to design a kitchen garden. Plan your own kitchen garden and find out how to plant and grow fruit and vegetables successfully with our expert advice.

The Complete Kitchen Garden book - Ellen Ecker Ogden
The Complete Kitchen Garden book - Ellen Ecker Ogden from
Before ordering seeds, start with a garden design plan. See the best designs for 2021! We've created two kitchen garden design plans designed to maximize space for a succession of tasty vegetables and herbs throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Get a customized rooted garden plan for 52 organic and delicious harvests a year.

Plants for this garden are chosen for productivity, and generally with the plan to eat them fresh. Our garden plan, when completed in five years, will cover an area of about 18 by 18 feet (324 square feet), including pathways, beds and an arbor. Each shows you what to plant, when to plant, and what crop follows another as the seasons change. We are lucky enough to have a borehole, so we use a local natural water source.